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In the late 1950s a city appeared on the coast of the eastern US, beside the aptly named Old Mystic, and between New York and Boston. It was complete, but entirely empty.

By the mid 60s, after serial quarantines imposed by both Eisenhower and Kennedy, it had become evident that ‘Mystic City’ might have been empty but it was far from unremarkable. Its handful of early and brave adopters, some governmental, some scientific, some military, a few civilian, had slowly developed the strangest of abilities.

Testing continued. Abilities ended at the furthest city limits, and resumed on re-entry. Each subject was different. During the Nixon era a number of subsequently highly publicised human rights abuses were committed, nominally in service to the Vietnamese war. Just before US withdrawal from Indochina a non-trivial proportion of the city was incinerated, taking no small amount of local military investment with it.

Over the following decade it became impossible to keep civilian interests from capitalising on the power vacuum, cheap (if not free) housing, and an evident need for construction. Due to a constant influx of disenfranchised, immigrant, and often poor Americans, Carter and Reagan both pursued policies of strong border control, rather than quarantine. In part supported by whatever arcane process limited the city’s occult footprint, Mystic city slowly became a grand experiment, an American Hong Kong. As news of its properties spread the population of Mystic City exploded into the Eighties, including both investors and venture capitalists. The number of ‘Special Residents’ climbed by proportion, to become so high as to be beyond accurate census, while a regenerated down-town core caused the heart of what had functionally become Connecticut’s new capital to be renamed ‘Wizard city’. Growth became astronomical. In the mid 90s, after a few SR’s managed to wander further than ever before prior to their powers deserting them, Fisher’s Island was subsumed within the city’s jurisdiction, effectively stealing it from New York…

By 2015, Wizard city has overtaken Manhattan in population, population density, and property prices. It has become simultaneously the most desirable and dangerous city in the contiguous states, and with each passing year it has become more and more strange.

For the residents of Wizard city, all of this can only <sunglasses> spell trouble. <aawwwwyissss>

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Home Page

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