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Minor Characters

The Recorder

“And I can quote you on that?”
The publisher of the only journal of record, or indeed mass production weekly news sheet of any sort in the city, no-one is quite sure how she does it, but everyone eventually wants to tell her a story.

The Scholar

Occupying the upper floors of an otherwise unoccupied pure white and windowless building, the scholar communicates with the wider world only via an ingenious system of pneumatic tubes. No-one is sure who the scholar is, but if you put at least three new facts in the tube, along with your question, you will surely receive your answer. Eventually.

The Book-Keeper

“Shhhhhh.. you’ll wake them”
The book-keeper stationed at the principle atheneum utilises a veritable cornucopia of apparatuses which would be infrequently discovered in an alternative institution of a non-thaumaturgical variety.


“Salvation lies within”

The Warden presides over the city’s only correctional facility. The entrance is inside the border, but the wings are all outside. The solid cube of concrete that contains the wings has only one entrance, which appears under the wardens gaze, and vanishes just a as quickly once the future or ex cons have traversed their custom-sized gap.

Main Page

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